Finally, the Journey, not an Arrival
by 이명동 | 22.09.15 18:27


The journey is the beauty.

The Truth.

Forever pilgrim.

No Mecca, Holy Land, Nirvana.

No at the end of the rainbow.

Now, it dawned on me, belatedly.


Belatedly is ok.

Thought there are answers.

Had to get there in a hurry.

Been a good driving force.

“The force be with you.”

Energy, there.

Couldn’t wait for the next day.

There was urgency. But also, angst.


No arrival at the final enlightenment.

The goal post keeps moving.

Wonderful it is that way.

No need to be a slave to an arrival.

Don’t mean no need for ‘the force.’

Just a little less angst.

The journey with ‘the force,’ always.

Stay cool with the energy, drive, quest,

for the journey of the choice.


Life in a spectrum.

Finally ready to enjoy the journey.

Arrival? Well, I’ll think about it some other

time in the spectrum.


In the mean time, enjoy the journey with the force.

Cool, calm enthusiasm, anyone?



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