Watching Ocean
by 이명동 | 22.07.24 08:57


Listening to the ocean, feeling the cool dry breeze, and the warm sunlight;

Realizing body becoming more relaxed, mind more peaceful.

What is needed is a little rest; a pause, perhaps.


Somehow, the planet Earth seems to be at its most peaceful, now.

Well, it’s getting hot and not by its own rhythm.

But the rhythm has been more than a little violent to get to the point of now.

Little hills to valleys to high mountains. Seashells on the mountain tops.


Maybe the Earth feels peaceful because somehow I feel peaceful.

The ocean making me feel more relaxed; the narrative, we came from ocean, rings true.


The ocean has seen some of these frantic, self propelled, cute things moving out

from within. As if they know what to do.

It’s been for some time, now; been trying earnestly to show they know what to do

out of the ocean. Some cute ones thrived and disappeared; their rhythm and the ocean’s didn’t quite harmonize.


One particular current cuties are interesting to say the least.

Frantic for sure.

Knowing what to do? Sometimes, seems so. But, clearly yet to go, and not really.

Hope these frantic cute ones learn to harmonize with the rhythm of the Ocean where

they most likely came from.


All I know is, momentarily, with the sound, sight, smell of the Ocean, relaxed peaceful became I.



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