Democracy in Crisis?
by 이명동 | 22.06.28 19:31

Is democracy the ultimate goal of humanity?

What is the vision of humanity; the ultimate and in the realm possibility at the moment?

How did we get to where we’re, now?

What does it say about humanity?

How could we reach our ultimate goal if there is anyway there or is it ever possible?


The events in the U.S.A. and around the world clearly show the challenges to the idea of democracy and positive/constructive vision of the humanity.


The latest Supreme Court decisions on gun control and abortion rights totally defies the current realities. The cluelessness and misplaced judgements are breathtaking.

This level of idiocy makes polarization intractable.

The right to bear arms in open is not a right in a civil society.

Adoption as the solution for criminal, horrendously tragic pregnancies are psycopathic.

This level of confused and chaotic mindset brings cynicism to the nature of humanity.


Democracy is supposed to be about compromise and mutual agreement among the inevitable different voices. And there are different voices; but not all voices are with the mindset of moving humanity forward. Some voices want winner take all feudalism, one king gets every thing and rest are slaves of one form or another.


Some in the U.S.A. regards Europe as, now, the old country; not in the sense of where the majority of the population came from but in the sense of behind the current times when that description suited their narrative. Putin seems to think he is the feudal lord. Feudal lord with confused and chaotic mind with no grace. Xi Jinping wants to go back to a few thousand years before. Donny in the U.S.A. wants to bring back feudalism when few people decided the direction of the Country. American feudalism actually literally had slaves. The Constitution is the product of that era, a long gone era. These three guys are destroying their country with their delusions. Korea is the same thing; it has been ruled by feudalistic mind ; there are still very ugly remnants. Moon tried to change it, but he wasn’t very effective. The causes are many but that some other time. The new president is even less prepared than Moon ever was. Worried.


Overall the world is moving forward from winner take all at any cost to more equitable, more people having voice stage; but very slowly and very painfully. Sometimes one step forward two step back.


Compromise and mutual agreement sounds good but leaders wannabe should have a. vision based on moving their people from the old and tired winner take all mindset. Their differences should be in the methodology. It shouldn’t be going against time/humanity while bringing havoc to their own country/community by willfully dividing the many different inevitable voices.


What is Democracy?

We have to have the clear vision. Our vision shouldn’t be compromise at any cost.

What is your vision? You becoming an emperor owning the whole world, the wonderful idea of the richest dumb man in the world.? Yeah, going beyond confused and chaotic stage of development is a monumental task.



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