What Are We?
by 이명동 | 22.03.25 00:49

We seem to make mistakes over and over again.

WW lll?

Forgetting is supposed to be one blessing we can’t live without.

But forgetting is condemning us to repeat our stupidity and immaturity.

Even forgetting requires a fine balance, a delicate calibration.


“It takes a friggin’ daytime job to understand what’s going on in the world.”

How many of us have the daytime job to figure out the current events in the world, let alone ourselves, family, friends, career, etc., etc.

No wonder There’re so much confusion around us.


In the U.S.A., not too long age, a presidency started with obvious lies and alternative facts. In Korea, a confused individual who believes in superstition and shaman was elected as the president. His main focus, biggest policy is where ha is going to live for the duration of his term. Someone dubbed him K-Trump.

Some Russians seem to believe Putin is capable of resorting to nuclear weapons.

Capable? Mentally challenged? Does ha have the daytime job?


The fundamental tragedy is there’re people supporting them.

People who seem to fall for dictators, almost by nature.

Not enough friggin’ daytime jobs? Or any number of good dayjob don’t even matter?

Therefore, come to mind, Sisyphus?


What are we? Condemned to repeat forever? Do we have hope to become better?

Solution, anyone?

Enough quality daytime job and compelling, charismatic communicator who could lead the people, at least the majority, to the right direction, vision.

Calibrating finely, a charismatic communicator sounds somewhat like a dictator, no?



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