The Quiet Dignity
by 이명동 | 21.11.29 21:45



The sign of my stage in life?

Been going to more funerals than weddings.

Lucky and appreciative, most were celebratory than heartbreaking.

Beginning to realize the common thread.

The quiet dignity.


At my wedding, a long time ago, one of my friends at the time said,

“All your guests look dignified.” With a certain amazement in his voice.

It didn’t quite register at the time. It was the way things were to me.


A few funerals ago, it registered. I saw it with a certain admiration and the better

understanding of what it all means.


Our uncle Noh’s funeral had the quiet dignity.

This time, there was the better understanding of where it was coming from.

It is a long story. But I think I grasp the narrative.


Wonderful to see our aunt and her whole proud and appreciating family.

Grandchildren looking promising, cool.

Yet, their struggles understood. Expected, good striving. In each own ways.


When we get together, we all mature a little more. A little wiser, hopefully.

Kevin mentioned in essence that our family is still work in progress with a great

potential. Agreed, and that’s more than we could ask for.

We’v been given a chance.


Yet to come.

We’re all yet to come.

We’ll get there with the quiet dignity. Well, some of us are a little louder.

Thanks. Everyone.



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