It Was a Beautiful Day
by 이명동 | 21.11.19 13:50



Temperature, in the seventies; warm, nice breeze; pleasant, bright sunshine; walking on the grass; carrying my bag; leaves turning color; talking to people just met.


Then, the scenes from the movie “Dune” came to my mind.

The nuclear arms race has started between the U.S.A. and China.

The competition for space dominance is heating up.

The bleak landscape of “Dune,” “Star War,” and etc.

Some of the billionaire boys are trying to escape the atmosphere.

Bleak landscapes must be very attractive to some people.


Yes, it is a complicated story.


But the fundamental remains.

We must get this through our mind, the earth comes first.

Destroying the earth while trying to reach the Mars?


Trying to dominate, wanting to be a dictator comes with the territory.

Understood. It has been giving us huge PTSD, and the vicious cycle since

the beginning. All in the name of survival. Survival for what?


Waiting for a messiah in the 100th Century? Never went beyond the cycle while

destroying everything in the process.


100th Century was no different from 1000 BC.

The same old story.


All of us should be in a position not needing a messiah.

Infrastructure, training, well functioning village level support, some serious

thinking through.

When we create a reasonable paradise on earth, we will take it to the universe.


Yesterday was a beautiful day, absolutely.



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